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Consulting Services The desire by many artists to seek expert advice while maintaining total independence has given rise to Big Mountain's Consulting Division. 

A&R Development and Internal Management Consulting Includes:

1. Touring and Booking Strategies - Agents and Various Approaches to Acquiring an Agent.  Legal Aspects of Booking and Management.

2. Information Technology & Internet Development Strategies.

3. Radio Promotions, Arbitron, Radio Ratings (R&R, FMQB) and Integration with Touring Schedules.

4. Publicity Planning and Integration with CD Releases, Touring Schedules, and Other Publicity Campaign Strategies.  Also includes creating an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and preparation and distribution of Press Releases.

5. Merchandise Planning, Production, Retailing, Brand Development, Sponsorships and Other Revenue Stream Strategies.

6. Music Publishing, PRO Affiliation, Radio, Film & Television Placement and Syncronization Rights.

7. Business Management, Budget Planning and Tax Issues.

8. Legal Affairs Planning - Contracts, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Service Marks.  Retaining Legal Counsel.

9. Songwriting, Arranging, Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.  Also includes Distribution Options, SoundScan and Maximizing Revenue Streams.

10. Strategic Planning - Career Development for Short, Medium and Long Term Goals.  Assessing Effectiveness of Plans & Goals as well as Managing Growth.  Also Includes Making Adjustments to Changing Market Conditions.

11. Major, Major Independent and Independent Recording, Publishing and Production Deals.

12. Video, Film & Television - Opportunities in Sound Design and Film Scoring.


Photo Ops
Friends & Colleagues

Backstage in Portland
with Sara Bareilles

Katie Herzig at
The Aladdin - Portland

Blues Legends Lloyd Jones
& Curtis Salgado

Santana Drummer Michael Shrieve

Extreme Adventurer
Will Gadd

Colin Hay & Wild Blooms
Abbey Theatre Show
Durango, CO
Booked by Big Mountain

NJ Rockers Sandi Saraya
and Gregg Munier c. 1987

Hit Songwriter ("Everyday")
Alyssa Moreno at
Durango Songwriters' Fest

"Bones" Star
Emily Deschanel on Set of
"Stephen King's Rose Red"

Nancy Travis on the Set of
"Stephen King's Rose Red"

In The Beginning - NJ Powerhouse Gashouse Gang @ Hershey Park, PA
c. 1979

Jon Bon Jovi & Stretch from      The Nerds

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