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Big Mountain Productions, LLC is a full service production company dedicated to the needs of music artists, music industry professionals and music fans and consumers.

To support this venture, Big Mountain maintains three integrated divisions: Production, Personal Management and Consulting Services.

Production: As the music production process has become more affordable over the years, artists have discovered more opportunities for creative expression. Still, a challenge for artists remains in bridging the gap between artistic freedom and the high production standards required by various outlets such as radio, film, and tv placement, a vital link between the artist and the wider music consuming audience.

In the true spirit of collaborative career development, Big Mountain Productions has integrated into its operations some of the industry's most highly regarded songwriters, producers, arrangers, musicians, engineers, recording and mastering studios and other production facilities throughout the country.

Our key focus is to coordinate these services and facilities with the client's artistic goals while working within their budgetary constraints.

Personal Management: With the dramatic changes taking place in the music industry over the last several years, independent artists continue to rise in prominence, taking back creative and financial control of their own careers.

Meeting the challenges placed before the DIY artist is the top priority for Big Mountain. Providing guidance, counsel and assistance with issues such as recording, touring, film & tv placement, marketing, merchandising, radio promotion, publicity and legal affairs is at the heart of what we do.

Big Mountain combines sound strategic planning, strong industry relationships and a dedicated focus on its clientele's career objectives to allow artists to grow to their fullest potential.

Consulting Services: The desire by many artists to seek expert advice while maintaining total independence has given rise to Big Mountain's Consulting Division.

Big Mountain's Production and Management Services may also be provided for a standard fee. Services include booking, radio promotion, publicity, film & tv placement, business management, business development & strategic planning, merchandising, marketing and web consulting.

PNW Entertainment Group, LLC

Big Mountain is proud to announce the formation of a truly unique and visionary partnership, the PNW Entertainment Group, LLC.  The partnership is made up of legendary A&R Executive Tony Ferguson, Big Mountain Founder Scott Stimpson, REX Studios Owner Russ Gorsline and REX Producer/Engineer Brent Rogers.  Based out of REX Studios in Portland, Oregon, the partnership is dedicated to the full development of its clients much in the same way that Major Label A&R Departments operated before budget cuts reduced the effectiveness of those organizations.  Please visit the website at www.PNWEG.com for more information.

Final Major Studio Update is Complete!

The Toft is in!  At long last, this final major upgrade is complete with the arrival of the new Toft ATB 32.  The custom designed desk has been installed into our new studio located in beautiful Bend, Oregon.  Pictures will be coming soon and can be viewed at our Facebook Page.

Accented by our State of the Art Mobile Recording Studio and the addition to our arsenal of instruments with the purchase of a Vintage Rickenbacker 370-12 , Jangle Box JB3 Compressor and Roland JC-120 Amplifier , the spectacular array of sounds available and mobility from this studio is limitless.  

Please call Scott Stimpson at 970-471-0076 for a tour of our facilities.

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